NMSC 2022 National Winners

The winners from each grade level were awarded certificates and cash prizes.
  1st place prize: $500.00
  2nd place prize: $300.00
  3rd place prize: $200.00


Grade Level   Place     Name
4th Grade 1st Justin Kim
4th Grade 2nd Donghyeon Kim
4th Grade 3rd Kayla Chenfang

5th Grade 1st Ian Kweon
5th Grade 2nd Nathan Mei
5th Grade 3rd Justin Kim
5th Grade 3rd Alice Zhu

6th Grade 1st Rayoon Kim
6th Grade 2nd Elena Beckman
6th Grade 3rd Ryan Nam
6th Grade 3rd Sihu Ahn
6th Grade 3rd Evan Han
6th Grade 3rd Taiwen Feng

7th Grade 1st Amritha Praveen
7th Grade 2nd Shourya Vyas
7th Grade 2nd Samuel Park
7th Grade 3rd Seomgeun Shim

8th Grade 1st Immanuel Whang
8th Grade 2nd Joonmin Lee
8th Grade 2nd Daniel Zhou
8th Grade 3rd Bon Kim
8th Grade 3rd Siya Lee

9th Grade 1st Jason Youm
9th Grade 1st Jian Kweon
9th Grade 2nd Christopher Sakaliyski
9th Grade 2nd Tei Kim
9th Grade 2nd Matthias Kim
9th Grade 3rd Daniel Kim

10th Grade 1st Jaejoon Hwang
10th Grade 1st Alexander Jun
10th Grade 2nd Jaeho Lee
10th Grade 2nd Sihyun Hwang
10th Grade 3rd Hyunseo Ryou
10th Grade 3rd Esther Lee

11th Grade 1st Alan Lee
11th Grade 2nd Eddie Kong
11th Grade 3rd Suyash Pandit