National Mathematics & Science Competition 2020 Information

Date   CANCELED - April 18, 2020 (Saturday) nationwide
  (Start and end times may vary by chapter)
Qualification   4th - 12th grade students from the United States
Online Registration   To be rescheduled.
Exam and Duration   Math
      4-8 grades: 60 min with 25 questions
      9-11 grades: 90 min with 25 questions
      3-11 grades
      8 mechanics and 4 electro-magnetism questions
      9 - 12 grades: 75 min. with 12 questions
Mathematics Exam Format:
The math competition is a written exam. The exam will start 2:00 PM Eastern Time (11:00 AM Pacific Time). Be sure to arrive at the event location 1-2 hours earlier as specified by your local chapter. No calculators or rulers are allowed. The grading or points system will be posted here (or announced to participating chapters).

Topics Covered (subject to change):

  • 4th - 7th grades: standard and challenging grade level topics
  • 8th grade: up to Algebra 1
  • 9th grade: up to Geometry and some Algebra 2 (no logarithms)
  • 10th grade: up to Algebra 2 (some Trigonometry)
  • 11th grade: up to Precalculus (including Trigonometry and logarithms)

NMSC Location and Qualifications:
The location will be determined by each participating chapter and the qualifications can vary by chapters.

Registration Fee:
Each chapter may charge a nominal registration fee determined by the local chapter.

Seminars for Parents:
Participating chapters may conduct information seminars while students are taking the tests. Examples of seminar topics are university admission, careers in science and engineering, financial planning for college, introduction to KSEA, etc.

It is expected that each KSEA chapter presents awards on the same day at the conclusion of the NMSC. The chapter awards vary among chapters. National level prizes for math are awarded by KSEA Headquarters.

NMSC 2020 Online Score Check will be available from May 1, 2020.

Sample Problems for NMSC 2020 (updated on 1/16/2018)

If anyone finds typos on these sample problems, please let KSEA HQ know.

These sample problems and their answers are provided, without warrants, to help students better prepare for the mathematics exam. Actual exam questions may be similar to these samples.