FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About Registration

Can you open the test problem set and answers?

We appreciate your interest in reviewing the test materials. However, our policy is to maintain the confidentiality of our test problems and answers. We take this approach to ensure the integrity of our testing process. Thank you for your understanding.

If I have multiple kids who are taking the test, will I be able to use the same email address for each of them?

No. Please use the email address that was given to each student respectively. Email addresses should be unique for each student that is taking the exam, they are not allowed to use the same address.

What chapter should I apply to?

Please see the Registration Page for more information.

Can I have a late registration?

Registration for online testing will close by midnight,  March 31st, 2024: All registration for online testing will be done online

On-site testing registration will be based on venue.

How many students usually compete?

While it is different each year, there are usually about 200 students that compete for each grade.

Am I able to get a sibling discount? If so how?

Discounts are given depending on what chapter you sign up with. Please contact your local chapter to see if there are any discounts available. If a sibling discount is available, please send the first child’s registration invoice to your local chapter.

If I am unable to take the exam, would I be able to get a refund?

If you cancel your registration before March 31st, 2024, we will be able to give you a full refund. If it is any later than that, however, we will unfortunately not be able to offer a refund.

What is the total score for the math test?

Grade 4th – 5th: Part 1 100 pts, Part 2 50 pts

Grade 6th 8th: Part 1 100 pts, Part 2 50 pts

Grade 9th 12th: Part 1 100 pts, Part 2 50 pts

I never received an email from NMSC about the coming test, what should I do?

Your email server may have blocked emails from us. Please double-check your spam folder in your email. If you still do not have the email, continue to follow the event dates located on the NMSC website.

Will there be a break between the Physics and Math Tests?

There will be about 10-minute break between the Physics and Math tests.

How should I prepare for the NMSC/NHSPC?

Our standards are the same as any other math/physics competition. In addition to the sample tests we have provided, you may prepare for this exam like you would any other exam.

What is the Test Structure?

There are multiple test structures on which Chapter you are taking the test in. Please look at what kind of structure your local Chapter is providing.

-> On-site testing will only be done in person with pen and paper or laptop. 

Can I use a calculator for the math test?

No. You may only use a pen/pencil and up to 5 pieces of scratch paper

Can I use a calculator for the physics test?

Yes. Calculators are allowed on the physics test. However, you must follow the guidelines below:

1. Phones and/or computers cannot but used as a calculator

2. No cameras of any forms are allowed.

3. Graphing calculators are not allowed.

4. Calculators that are used during the exam must not have the ability to pre-input formulas.

What is the Physics Test Structure?

12 questions to be solved in 75 minutes

– 8 Mechanics questions 

– 4 Electromagnetism questions 

Non-calculus based 10 multiple choices for each question

75 minutes (Grade 9 – 12)

What is the total score for the physics test?

The total score for the Physics Test is 12 points: Multiple Choice being 12 points, 1 point per question.

(Please note that the minimum threshold for the national award is 5 or more points/correct answers out of the 12.)

Can I print out a formula sheet for the physics test?

Yes. However, you are only permitted to use the provided formula sheet. No outside formula sheets are allowed.

Can a student use a tissue and drink water during the test if the tissues and water stay in the view of the camera during the entire test?

No. Once the test begins, students will not be permitted to use tissues or get water.

Can a student use the bathroom during the test?

No. The student is not allowed to leave the frame of their camera under any circumstance.

Can students use scissors?

No. Only the use of a pen/pencil and up to 5 pieces of scratch paper are allowed for the test.

If I have a question during the test, what should I do?

If you have any questions during the test, try not to ask them while the test is going on. Instead, finish the test and email your questions to nmscinfo@ksea.org.

How do we get official scores and reports for NMC?

Please contact your local chapter to get your official scores.

Do disqualified students still get their scores?

No. Disqualified students will not be given their scores.

When will the chapter award ceremony take place?

You will receive the more information about the local chapter award ceremony from your chapter president. Each chapter will announce its detailed schedule.

Can I share an account with my sibling when I register?

No. Each student must have their own account to participate.

Do my kids need to use their ID numbers from last year?

No. We do not need the student’s ID to register. However this year, we do need the parent’s KSEA login email address if they wish to have a membership discount when registering their child.

Is this competition in-person and nationwide?

This is an individual exam. The competition itself is nationwide, with each chapter having its own chapter awards, with the most outstanding students receiving a national award as well.